Here we would like to give some perspective so people can understand how truly how hard it can be for Cuyahoga County's impoverished residents. We wanted to offer some perspective on why something like a hackathon can be beneficial to residents in lower income neighborhoods.

Cleveland Scene Magazine recently released an article highlighting A&T's historical "redlining" of broadband improvements around poorer neighborhoods.

In October of 2016 released an opinion piece featuring guest columnist, Mark McDermott titled, "Housing insecurity still impacts too many in Cuyahoga County despite recent strides," highlighting how many still struggle to obtain secure housing in Cuyahoga County.

The daily life for lower income residents has unique difficulties. Here we have shared case study references and flowcharts showing the diffiuclties people may face. The goal of these flowcharts is to better illustrate mobility as it pertains to an everyday HCVP participant. The charts give examples of two families, a day in their lives from the time they wake up until the evening, showing why access to better resources is necessary and beneficial to HCVP participants.

Download Case Study #1 Download Case Study #2