April 7th-8th


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Hack Housing with Us

For 24 hours on April 7th to 8th, 2017 CLE Housing Hackathon will bring together more than 200 tech enthusiasts, critical thinkers, civic leaders, and residents from across the county to brainstorm, ideate, and develop innovative solutions around a central question: How can we help Clevelanders in the Housing Choice Voucher program better select well-resourced neighborhoods that meet their needs?

CLE Housing Hackathon is a place for everyone. You will meet interesting and engaged people from across Cuyahoga County, learn about housing and data, and hone your skills alongside seasoned mentors. We'll have free food, speakers, swag, workshops, and more. Please come out and help unlock data to improve lives!
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This hackathon is brought to you by DigitalC, Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority, and Cleveland State University.